Published on February 20, 2020

The Algocount Datasprint on Digital Methods

During the Data Sprint participants worked on research projects in small groups. Each group, composed by researchers in Design and Social and Political Sciences focused on gathering and visualising data related to a specific social media platform.

⚠ A collection of project reports will be available soon. ⚠

The Youtube Infodemic

Project Pitcher: Alessandro Gandini

Members: Michele Grilli, Emma Fortunati, Andrea Elena Febres Medina

Facebook. Why I am Seeing This Infodemic

Project Pitcher: Beatrice Gobbo

Members: Riccardo Pronzato, Maria de Los Ángeles Briones Rojas

The infodemic on Twitter

Project Pitchers: Vincenzo Luise, Alessandro Gerosa

Members: Emma Sanzogni, Camilla Volpe, Alessandra Facchin

Reddit and the infodemic

Project Pitcher: Ilir Rama

Members: Ludovica Corponi, Rebecca Marino, Giovanni Lombardi

The Visuals of the Infodemic: IG and TikTok

Project Pitcher: Giulia Giorgi

Members: Irene Avossa, Laura Bruschi, Antonella Autuori, Tommaso Elli